Benefits of Having Patio Misting System

Do you wish to make more use of your garden or backyard? Do you look at your pool or patio and think “I should use these more often?” If the unbearable heat is the reason you avoid the outdoors, we have a solution for you. Forget about the weather and set your own temperature.

Cool Down

How many times have you thought, while sitting on your patio “Wow, I could really use a breath of wind to cool me down right now?” Well, you need not worry about this anymore! With the new Patio Misting Systems, you’ll cool down in no time.

Thermal dynamics have never been so exciting. Evaporative cooling is another way of saying mist that cools you down. Mist is just a result of using the energy of evaporating water to lower the temperature considerably. With this in mind, imagine yourself lying in the heat with a cool misty cloud covering you from head to toe. With the new misting systems phoenix you may fret yourself no more about the unforgiving Arizona weather.

Mist up

High-pressure evaporative cooling can be said with one simple word – Misting. We use the science behind evaporation in combination with pressurized water to produce the most effective outdoor cooling system. This system can easily lower the air temperature for a stunning 30°F (16°C) in a matter of seconds. Think about the perks of a highly effective system like this one to make every day more comfortable.


Can’t stand the heat? Stay in the sun – just turn on your misting system. These misting systems are reliable, efficient and mind-blowing.

Outdoor AC

If you are a business owner seeking to upgrade the level of outdoor comfort for your guests, look no further. Whether you have a hotel, pool, or restaurant – the patio mister system is a great investment. Remember, in any branch of hospitality, comfort is not only a luxury but a necessity. Make your guests more comfortable and promote your hospitality skills. It goes without saying that the use of your outdoor premises will increase significantly.

This is a great investment for homeowners as well. Think about making more use of your patio or backyard. You will now have the luxury of having guests over to enjoy sunny days without a worry. This is also a life-changer if you want to use more of your pool, gazebo or any other outdoor installment you may have.

These systems are most suited for areas which have a humidity level between 0% and 60%. The outdoor temperature should be between 80°F and 120°F (27°C – 49°C).

Safe to use

The cooling system can be set at a temperature which you decide. This means you don’t need to worry about having kids catching a cold, or your elderly complaining about it being too cold. If the temperature is not suitable for someone just change it or turn it off temporarily. The system is highly practical and can be used in the sun as well as in the shade.