Best Spray Tanning Brands and Equipment

If you are on the search for the best tanning brands and equipment, look no more. There is a variety of brands and quality, and it is not always easy to choose the best possible option. To ensure you the right choice without the effort, here are some of the great choices.

Norvell Z Professional Series HVLP Gun Applicator, ZGUN

If you are still thinking about it and not sure whether you need it, just know it is a multi-award-winning gun. It is truly a professional choice which provides unmatched coverage for perfect tanning results.

Norvell M1000 Replacment HVLP Applicator Gun, MGUN

Norvell tanning solutions can be affordable, such as this model, but still full featured. It is not heavy at all and not hard to clean and maintain. Also, this gun is economical.

MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit, Pink

Amazing spray tan machine if you want to look tan without going to a tanning salon. If you are in a hurry or suddenly not satisfied with your tan, but still want to go out and look your best, this is the best choice. Since it is perfect for when you are at home, it is very simple to use. Plug it into the wall and start spraying. You can spray your whole body with ease since is lighter than most hair dryers. Get together with your friends and have fun while getting a gorgeous new tan.

Dancing with the Stars Performance Self Tanning Airbrush Spray, 7 oz

Based on its name, you can guess what a fine result this airbrush will give you. It is so simple to use, and yet it gives you a flawless tan which you will love. Get ready to dance with the stars with this shining star. Be careful not to be around flames when handling it – you want to look like a star, but not be hot like one.


Norvell Sunless Tanning Mousse, 8 oz

Other than spray tans, there are tanning mousses too. Just spread this smooth mouse on your body and you will be loving the flawless result. There is more what it affects, and that is wrinkles and fine lines. There is a warning though. The mouse does not protect your skin against sunburn, have that in mind.

Norvell One Hour Rapid One Sunless Tanning Solution, 8 oz

Remember when you were in a rush and didn’t have time to go to the tanning salon? Being busy but wanting to look good and tanned is not a problem anymore. Now, you only need one short hour to achieve that stunning look. When you come home, put it on, and you will be ready to go out that evening. Getting a tan has never been easier and quicker. It may leave a stain though, but it is not a problem to remove it. You can rinse your clothing and hands, just do it immediately.

Norvell xLaTan pH Balancing Gel, 8.5 oz

If you want the best results, think about preparing your skin for tanning. This gel cleanses the skin and it will enhance the result of tanning.