Hot Health Trends to Follow in 2018

Our health is by far the most valuable thing each of us owns. Many people fail to understand that prevention is key to staying healthy. When the problems start, it’s often too late to fix things and even if it isn’t, it takes a lot of time and effort to become healthy once more.

The good thing is that people are slowly waking up to these facts and they started to realize that alternative medicine can really help them to stay healthy, and more importantly, away from the doctor’s office. Here are some of the new health trends we feel will be super popular in the year to come.

1. Spices that heal

The internet is full of homemade recipes that can help you improve your immune system. One of the most popular mixes is the golden milk you can read about online these days. It’s a recipe that has roots in the Ayurvedic medicine. There is little scientific evidence that the drink really cures illnesses, but people report feeling healthier after using it.

2 Low-FODMAP diets

This past year, there was a lot of fuzz about gluten and the damage it does to our bodies, and the low-FODMAP diets are the new hot thing. FODMAP stands for a type of carbon that is found in many different foods, such as dairy products, alcohols, sugar, and so on. The diet will include only foods that have no lactose or sugar.


3. Superfoods are all you need

Well, they are not all you need, but these foods offer the best mix of minerals, sugars, and carbs for our bodies. Foods like jackfruit, cassava, monk fruit, and others will be used to replace flour, wheat, sugar, and meat. You can still get everything you need without the negative effects that come with the foods we listed.

4. Special running gear

In order to stay healthy, you have to move and exercise regularly. The market is totally overflowing with all kinds of gadgets, running shoes, headphones, and other products that are designed to make exercising more fun and easy. Smart shoes are now a reality and they can help you get a better and healthier exercise than ever before.

5. Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is nothing new and revolutionary, it’s just that people don’t know of it. Activated charcoal is used in air filters and other devices as it’s known to capture the smallest impurities. Well, you can drink activated charcoal and it’s going to do the same inside of your blood.

activated charcoal

The drink is not tasty and it doesn’t look like much, but it can help you become much healthier than before. Just keep in mind that drinking it too often can lead to some really painful constipation.

6. Bugs are the future food

Eating bugs is not something that everyone would try, but they should. Eating crickets or cockroaches may seem disgusting, but the fact is that bugs are rich in proteins and they have low levels of fat and other harmful stuff. The world is beginning to understand bug foods and we think that they are going to become very popular during the next year.