Sedation Dentistry Guide for Beginners

In the past, people who were scared of the dentist really did not have much of a choice when it came to fixing their teeth and coming to terms with their phobia from the dentist. The tricky part was that people who wanted to get over the fear needed to perform lots of research in the process of dentistry which was hard as the lone thought of the dentist would get them all riled up. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, we have a procedure for dentists and patients alike that is called sedation dentistry that solves this issue in no time flat.

Sedation dentistry is a procedure that uses sedatives and other medications to induce a relaxing period for the patient while they are being operated on their teeth by the dentist. Through the use of drugs which can include tranquilizers the patient is competently asleep and not aware of the procedure that is being taken upon their teeth. This has several benefits for both the patient and the dentist alike.

For the patient it’s obvious, people who could not go to the dentist due to their fear can now have their teeth fixed and still have a pleasant experience with the dentist while not being present through the process.

For the dentist, the benefits come that they will have a nice and calm patient that won’t flinches or twist or experience a break down due to fear while they are operating or fixing a tooth.

Finally, people who suffer from anxious behavior can have a pain free, and anxious free visit to the dentist, and no matter how big of an issue they have with their teeth all it takes is a few puffs from the breathing mask to have them sedated and ready for the dentist procedure.


However, it should be noted that sedation is not the same as anesthesia. Anesthesia will only dull your senses in the parts that the doctor has to dull in order to perform his job. Due to the anesthesia, the patient won’t feel any pain but the discomfort can prove to last for a few hours after the dentist’s job is done. Also, when it comes to sedation there are no injections in two out of the three methods. So, for people that have a fear of injections, the sedation is the way to go.

When it comes to sedation there are three distinct ways the patient can choose to be sedated.

  • By inhalation
  • Oral injection
  • Intravenous

The inhalation part is the easiest and the most fun out of the three. You take a breathing mask, place it on your nose and mouth and inhale a couple of breaths of laughing gas. This will make you pass out in a matter of minutes.

The injection is usually done with some drugs and a glass of water. This process will also take several minutes before the patient starts falling under the effect of the sedative.

Intravenous works almost instantly and is done as the name suggest using a vein and a needle.

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