Why Should You Start Using Eco-Friendly Razors?

Mass produced razor blades are going out of fashion. They cost too much, and because they are dispensable and mostly made from plastic they pollute the environment. People all over the world are thinking about their impact on the environment, and even everyday mandarin tasks leave a mark on the ecosystem. Think of the millions of men and woman who change their conventional shaving blades on a weekly basis.

Where does all that plastic go? On the other hand, when applied for hair removal they achieve the job but they bruise the skin and often cause a rash. There are alternatives to conventional razors, they can make your skin softer, cost you less and make a small impact on the environment at the same time. This is no modern invention or the legendary “laser razor” but something brought back from the past.

One razor is enough for years

What might that be? They are the sturdy safety razor and the infamous Sweeny Tod straight razor. First of all, the main part of both of the razors is made from metal, or metal and wood, and you can use it for years (maybe even a lifetime). The straight razor is a blade in itself and only needs to be sharpened before usage. Sharpeners can be easily bought as well as the blades. The blade should also be cared for so it doesn’t rust. This is an investment you make once every couple of years. If you keep it sharp and clean you will have no trouble keeping your skin hairless, shining and soft.

The straight razor has a handle and a razor holder, they are made from some hard material, and the razor is additionally added on. The razors are made from small plates of stainless steel that are sharpened at both ends. Their life spend is twice as long as that of conventional razors. After shaving, you should wash the blade from leftover hairs and dry the blade so it doesn’t lose its sharpness to rust. If you dry and clean your safety razor blades regularly it can last you a month, plus they are ten times cheaper than mass-produced razor heads.

Luckily this does not have to be something you get from an antique shop, if you are interested you can find out more about eco razor models here and chose the model that best suits you. Together with eco-friendly shaving soaps, and a whole range of alternatives to aftershave cosmetics you can minimalize your impact on the environment, save money, and take better care of your skin.

New does not always have to be better, this is the case with razors as well. We gave the new ones a try, and they cannot measure up to the blades that were used for generations by our grandfathers. Changing your shaving blade can be a great way to start caring about the environment, and if that is not enough think of the money you will save by not spending so much money on mass-produced razors every month of your life.