What Are the Most Popular Pool Floats for This Summer?

Animal Floats

Animal floats are some of the most popular ones and this comes as no surprise. They are interesting for kids and adults equally. For children, this is an advanced version of playing with squeaky-toys and rubber duckies. Kids are definitely the biggest fans of these trends and who can blame them?

Whether you prefer chilling in the shade or fooling around in the water – these pool accessories are the best. These simple toys brighten up every backyard and neighborhood. They can be used even just as decoration and they are still awesome.

The perfect way to spice up the day is with one party animal float in the pool. It will make a pool party all the more interesting. Consider getting a swan or a cute giraffe – it will make your day!

New Trends

Pool floats are one of the most popular trends for this summer. There is nothing better than getting to a pool party or a beach and coming across a huge inflated unicorn. This is, hands down, one of the most interesting recent trends.

Food Floats

A few other trends which are taking over at a fast pace are pool floats shaped like food. This is a hilarious trend which everyone loves.

Imagine coming to party and seeing someone lying on a huge piece of chocolate. Or you see a kid floating around in a donut. Nothing can beat these terrific situations and nothing will.

Whether you have a huge pineapple, a giant slice of bacon, a big scoop of ice cream or just a piece of cake – it will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on the fun and order an entire buffet. Get one for your kids as a present and watch them go crazy over their new gift.

Get one for chilling in the backyard and make your neighbors laugh on a daily.

These are perfect to get as presents or decoration. They are safe, fun, colorful and affordable. You can make hanging out by the pool all the more interesting by getting some cool floats for the upcoming summer days.


Emoji Inflatables

This is the best indicator of modern times. The emoji floats are here! These might be the most fun. Your friends and family will not believe their eyes if they walk into your yard and see a giant emoji floating around.  

The selection includes smiley faces, giant eggplants, and different colored poop emojis. This is a fun way of starting a party. The kids will find these interesting as well as adults. They are exciting and represent unique creative ideas.

What is more, they are safe to use and very practical. You can pack them for vacations or beach days and they will take up a minimal amount of space in your bag. This makes them all the more appealing especially when you think about how other beach accessories are huge and heavy. Forget inflatable mattresses and beach chairs! Just pack a bunch of pool floats and enjoy your summer day.